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Updates, New Projects, etc.

Things have been pretty busy here lately! Among all of this juggling, I’m happy to say that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for one project and I’m in the early stages of two brand new projects, both of which should be pretty great.

Most importantly, I can report that color work on The Cabin is now finished and the sound is now just about complete. That means that the short film as a whole is so close to being ready to go out into the world! After such a long, dedicated period of hard work, I’m excited for audiences to finally be able to see it!

Even though that short is nearly wrapped, I already have two new short films in the works.

First is "The Rainbow Bridge", which is about Christine, a newly hired animal doctor, struggling with the daily reality of her chosen life. Dr. Troy guides her into the profession, teaching her that being a vet means more than just getting your hand licked and giving out treats to ailing animals.

Wyatt Cagle is directing the short and also helping me produce it. (Check out Wyatt’s short film The Example:

Next is End of Days, set in a society plunged into ruin following a catastrophic event. In this hostile environment, sisters Shelby and Kate are forced to hurry across a vast, threatening wilderness to the safety of Morgan Creek. On the way, Shelby picks up an injured drifter named Calvin, who slows down their progress and puts all of their lives on the line. Kate thinks they should leave him behind, forcing Shelby to choose between right and wrong. Joe Grisaffi is directing the short and Wyatt Cagle will DP.

I’m looking forward to showing all of these films to audiences in the near future!

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