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Wake Her Up / Supporting / Courtney Sandifer

Grace / Lead / Taylor Likens

The Rainbow Bridge  /Lead / Wyatt Cagle

The Cabin / Lead / Joe Grisaffi

Lone Star Deception / Supporting / Don Okolo

Grace / Supporting / Traci Rooks

Everything's Fine / Lead / Jessica Babinoux

The Resting Place / Lead / Joe Brostowicz

She's A Guys Guy / Supporting / Jesse and Erik Sanchez

Manos: The Rise of Torgo / Supporting / David Roy


Novartis / Principal / Hill Holiday & Lisa Wiseman

St. Davids Healthcare / Principal


Skinner Pasta / Principal

Academy / Principal / Greatest Common Factory

Allergy and ENT Associates / Principal / KHOU 11 Commercial Prod.

St. Davids Healthcare / Principal 


BP E-Learning / Principal / Bill Young Productions

Walmart / Principal / RGA & Caviar

What Now Recruiter (Air Force) / Principal / Kudzu Productions

Amzer FitZer / Principal / Knight Rising Entertainment

People HR / Supporting / Odd Film Productions

St. Lukes Hospital / Supporting / KaZap Productions


Honk! / Duckling and Goose / Dionysus Theater

HanaRamaKwanzaMas / Fruit Cake Girl / Dionysus Theater


Our Story Their Tale / Lead / Reel Majic Prod.

Comedy Shorts / Series Regular / Backyard Content



Lee Stringer, Sara Gaston, Kim Tobin (Meisner)

American Academy of Dramatic Arts summer intensive - Los Angeles, CA

Station Theater - Level 1 Improv

Voice (Soprano) - Frances Fenton 

accent - Carolyn johnson

Movement (Alexander Technique) - Chris Lidvall 

Partial List


Special Effects Makeup Experience, Piano, Guitar Chording, skier - beginner parallel, Fire Arms (Glock, Shotgun), Beat Boxing, Fishing, Southern Accent, Golf Swing, Tennis, Soprano Singer, Pilates, Running, Dance, Swimming - General, Cycling, Horseback Riding (Western), Rollerblading, Knitting, Crocheting, Flag Twirling, Makes Wrap Bracelets and hats, good with animals, passport holder

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