The Cabin

While playing a flirtatious game of 'Catch Me If You Can', Jason follows Lucy onto an abandoned horse ranch. Though Jason worries about trespassing, he's far too taken with Lucy to restrain himself. She leads him into an empty stable, where they discover stacks of pagan books and its quickly clear that someone lives there. Lucy finds the seclusion of the stable perfect for consummating their relationship, and ignores Jason's instinct to leave. They give into their desires, but soon are interrupted but the stable's owner - an ancient Witch, whose flesh rots from age and infection. She's horrified at the young couple's contempt, and demands they pay a heavy toll for their crime of passion.


"Houston horror is the gift that keeps on giving, and there’s an excellent new offering coming to the Short Film Showcase courtesy of Amanda Dianne and Joe Grisaffi." Jef Rouner


Amanda Dianne Interview

Joe Grisaffi Interview



Note: Sizes run small.