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5 Websites Actors Must Be On

As an actor, we are tasked with so many different roles in our ‘company’. We have to be CEO, CFO, VP of Marketing, CTO, HR Manager, Receptionist, and more. But it can be confusing and discouraging with so many services out there. Figuring out which ones actually help you can be a trial and error process not to mention $$$$.

So, I’ve put together the services that the actor must have! Here they are:

1. Actor's Access

I can say that this is a must-have for everyone in the industry. This popular casting website is one of the most used and visited, making it the big kahuna of casting websites. With Actor's Access, you can have a free account where you can show off your resume, special skills, Size Card, Talent Representatives, upload and edit two headshots, view breakdowns released to Actors Access, and receive Role Match Alerts - all for free!

And if you want to make your profile stand out more, they offer additional profile elements with one-time fees:

1. $10/additional photo

2. $22/min of video

3. $11/min of audio

4. $5/additional SlateShot

2. Casting Networks

This is also a popular casting site. There are a lot of commercials here and it is also used by FOX for casting on their programs. With a basic fee of $25 a year, you can have your first photo uploaded for free, A free video reel, and unlimited updates to resume and digital size card. Your profile can also be searchable by Casting Directors and Agents, and you can also have your Personalized URL to your online resume.

If you have an agent, you can sign up for free with a code from your agent.

You can also sign up for a premium account where you can have a lot of options to enjoy with. You can easily add video and audio to showcase your reels, clips or skills and attach them to your submissions as well as adding unlimited clips and reels (up to four minutes each) for $6 a month. Unlimited photo uploads (maximum 50 photos at a time) and change photos as many times as you would like for $7 a month. and Unlimited project submissions with utilizing the service on all your linked profiles for $10.95

3. IMDBpro

This is a popular TV and Film credit listing site. It offers a wide range of information on TV shows, movies, actors, directors and a lot more about the industry. For only $20 a month, you can put photos and information on your profile. The good thing about it is that you can do research on it and it will provide you with everything you have to know.

In a glance, you will know their contact information, clients list, actor's representative (and how to reach them out of course), Producers' and directors' company names in which would lead to further research. You can also look at "In Development Titles" and search by location to see what is coming up in your area.

4. CastingAbout

This one is a casting sit that publishes casting contact information for union theatrical projects being cast in Los Angeles and New York. They are updated with new project daily with their production status, full casting staff, and current mailing address.

CastingAbout can be used to search for specific casting directors, associates or assistants; locate current and past projects for each casting office; check the up-to-date casting status of each show, movie or play; even create and print custom mailing labels addressed to specifically chosen casting personnel.

Subscriptions to each region (Los Angeles, New York) on this site are $48.95 per year (one-time payment), or $9.95 per month (renews automatically every month until you cancel.

5. Actors Access Plus (Formerly Showfax)

In this casting site, it has the scripts uploaded by casting directors to give you an idea of what the role will be, on what you will going to prepare. This is great for finding scripts to practice.

Just be mindful that these are confidential documents. You don't want to release something that hasn't aired yet. That's really not cool so don't do it.

With Actor's Access Plus, you can see what is casting and see if you are perfect and go in for a self-pitch (if you reps are ok with it)

For $68/year, your Actors Access PLUS membership (formerly your "Showfax Subscription") includes all the features of a free Actors Access account, and also allows you to: download sides for up to 24 projects per day; make unlimited Actors Access submissions; add media to your submissions; and unlimited Eco Cast transmissions.

If you have a suggestion to put on this list, let me know.

Always remember to break a leg!


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